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Urgent: Portland Auto Glass

edited November 2010
Need a need a right rear window for a '94 Nissan Sentra in Portland. Wanna move fast (36 hours) at the most reasonable price. Leads?


  • Ha! Done. Called Auto Adventure (used parts procurer). Brian there referred me to Matt that runs the autobody shop near by. Scheduled a fix up for tomorrow.

  • when my rear windshield got a brick thrown through it, I went to the MOTHERFUCKING JUNKYARD

    You can go to the junkyard and be like "you got any '94 Nissan Sentras?" and the guy will be like "yeah" and then you'll ride with him in his truck until he finds the burned-out husk of a Nissan Sentra out amongst the fields and fields of dead rotting cars, and he'll get out of the truck with a sledge-hammer and a bunch of other tools, and he'll take out that dead car's window and he'll hand it to you. Then you go back inside and pay like a nickel for it. Then you pay some mechanic to install it, but you save a ton of money by finding the part yourself.

    You can also get car stereos this way.
  • I kinda want a new windshield. Mine is scratched to hell.
  • $65 seemed good for the window. (plus install which might run another $75) Being done with it is even better.
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