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What's the Deal?

edited January 2012
I think we need a thread where we can post the great deals we find on things. Today I was looking for work pants online and saw that is having a 40% off all clearance items sale. PRetty good deal! Use "ourtreat" as the promo code when you check out.

I did not find any pants though.


  • I like this thread!!

  • I have a 10% off code if you want any Obama swag. PM me.
  • When you go to a Blazers game, you win Qdoba and YoCream coupons
  • Hot tip: apparently you can trade in Blazers chalupa coupons for Por Que No?
  • Redbox: use the promo code dvdonme to save a buck.
  • Want to make $60 talking about whiskey or pizza?

    We have two new paid research projects for the Portland Metro area:

    For the first one we are looking for men and women between the ages of 22 and 34 to participate in a discussion on liquor. Qualifying respondents need to be working Full Time (30 hours or more), self employed is fine, and drink both whiskey and vodka at least once a month. This study would be on Thursday February 2nd, lasts 2 hours and pays $60. If you, or someone you know, are interested please call me at 503-977-6749 or reply to this email making sure to leave a contact phone number.

    For the second study we are looking for men and women between 25 and 55 to participate in a discussion on pizza. Qualifying participants need to have a combined Household income of at least $50k and have NOT had Papa Murphy’s in the last 4 months but HAVE had it between 4 months and 1 year. This study is on Wednesday February 1st, lasts 2 hours and pays $60. If you, or someone you know, are interested please call me at 503-977-6749 or reply to this email making sure to leave a contact phone number.

    Danny Nichols
    Recruiter Generalist
    Market Decisions
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    quick reminder of my perpetual deal: has 12 records by White Rainbow, which range from ambient, thru experimental and into weird beats and fun zones, all available via a pay-what-you-want-even-free schema. thats a lot of bang for your buck!
  • FROM NOW ON LET'S: So good! Using it. Being productive and preparing.
  • pro tip: beer wine and booze is waaay cheaper if you buy it in a store, as opposed to a bar or restaurant.
  • My best friend is in the hospital with a nasty bout of ulcerative colitis. I made him listen to some of the mellower White Rainbow selections while convalescing. It totally helped.

    Unfortunately I took my ipod with me when I left and he was less soothed by the more beat-oriented material he found on "Grooveshark".
  • Always a good deal at the local Goodwill! Just scored nine items of work clothing (including brand new pair of shoes) for $55. Which is probably the most I've ever spent at Goodwill, but seriously. So many good finds.
  • Lovin' Goodwill! Bought original Burl Ives "The Wayfaring Stranger" guitar/piano sheet music folio last week.
  • Sizzle Pie has a deal where you get a big slice and a giant salad for $6. Dr Pizza may disagree, but this is a great deal to me, and the quality is much better than at Spanky's.
  • I think that Sizzle Pie deal is an incredible deal.
    Pizza salad!

    Old Town Pizza, I just found out, has a weird happy hour that's late-night (9-midnight) where you can get a slice of cheese for 1.50 and a well drink for 2.50. Seems great for nights where you're stuck downtown at some weird thing and need food after
  • (sizzle pie is also a member of the dining milage program, so if you use your credit card you'll get x3 or x5 the miles instead of just 1 mile per dollar spent)
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    not to just totally be all me me me all the time up in this shit but i just so happened to just put up a new pretty much completely non-soothing, non-new-aged white rainbow record on my bandcamp.
    its 19 tracks $5 plus you get a 20+ minute bonus track
    once 111 people buy it, it will be "pay what you want",
    but the bonus track will be gone


    @ ALEX - that deal is impressive, for sure, but to call the slices at zazzle pies "big" they say in the comments on rap videos i watch: "smh"

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  • I have a question about grooveshark/spotify/rdio
  • we bought this album and it is very good
  • i just bought it. DOWNLOADING NOW.

  • Totes used that Red Box code last night.
  • Raaaaaad. ;)
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