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  • My dog needs a new family. She's sorta crazy and mega rad.
  • Yeah, I guess I posted this query in an intentionally vague way as a way to skim the tip of the iceberg. Freddy's links and tips will probably help a lot. Just the word "sharrows" is helpful for me. "NE to SE": I was thinking, like, NE Alberta to…
  • Okay, maybe a more specific question: what's the best way to bike from NE to SE? This has always been a source of annoyance for me. And are there like unofficial lots that people use as park and ride places?
  • I write for WWeek, mostly for the film section, which is where I think much of the paper's best work is being done (obviously). It makes me sad that none of my friends read the paper, because the criticism there is often really sharp and fun and irr…
  • Somewhere is fantastic! Such a shame it was mostly ignored. I think it might be Coppola's best movie. She's awesome.
  • Stalker/Tarkovsky: absolutely! Also a tinge of Herzog's more hallucinatory/hypnotic stuff. Such a beautiful movie. I must see it again. When my colleagues and I compiled our top ten lists last year, Valhalla was the only movie we all included on our…
  • Bronson had a few decent moments, but I was mostly reminded of A Clockwork Orange: loud, obnoxious, mean, empty, overwrought. All qualities I appreciate, I guess, when they're pulled off with panache, but Bronson (like Clockwork) felt sort of bullyi…
  • Valhalla Rising is awesome. It was, for me, the "action" film I wish Bergman had made. It totally deserved a bunch of awards. I think I actually pumped my fist a few times while I watched it. I describe it to people as "the best black metal album th…
  • Some stuff in WWeek is pretty good (I am very violently pointing at myself).
  • Thanks for all of this information! I'm moving there because my wife got a good job in Kent, and we must follow the money. But I am excited about exploring this city. I have been to the library and the Showbox and the old Mariners dome, but that'…
    in Seattle Comment by ChrisS January 2011
  • I'm only friends with people I know in real life, except for a couple people from this here site and a few other random internet friends. I thought about pruning it down to close friends and relatives, but I think the idea of an invisible audience …
  • This is what I wrote: "Tiny Furniture looks like a tiny piece of shit." And then I got more dick-ish after that.
  • I only thought you de-friended me for like a few minutes. Then I came over here and got the scoop. I don't think we had a real argument. I was being sorta obnoxious though. I don't even remember what I said about Tiny Furniture. Something rea…
  • I thought maybe you de-friended me because of some things I said about Tiny Furniture.
  • Man, I totally thought you de-friended me. Anyway, now I will learn nothing new about classical music for the rest of my life.
  • After my nacho quest I had a really phenomenal idea for a nacho dish that I'm reluctant to share with the general public because I think I can probably make millions of dollars with it if I open a restaurant in Portland. Leland Bob: we're soul mate…
  • I went on a nacho journey recently: The unconventional bases did not really work for me.