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  • You gotta check it out, Schlabe... but make sure to start with the PILOT episode. I watched episodes 1-4 about 15 years ago and it didn't catch me; recently, I watched with someone who started us on the pilot and I was like "NOW it makes sense."
  • I haven't seen that yet!!!!!!!
  • PREDICTIONS Bobby Briggs and Shelley got a quickie marriage and divorce in Reno back in the 90's. He is now married to his 4th wife, a 25-year-old community college student. He is the mayor of Twin Peaks. Shelley runs the Double R with Leo, who wa…
  • Well you gotta admit that since this thread started, these issues are at the forefront in a much greater way than they were before. Women's march - Milo/Richard - White House focus on "inner city" policing - White House takes away a financial suppo…
  • You are right. I should have taken it back earlier. My crude demand for fellatio was a violation of all social mores and was hypocritical. As a demonstration of good faith towards you and all of UHX, I have deleted it--not to erase my misdeeds, but…
  • It occurs to me that many white people--maybe most--are from families who wanted to--and could--avoid the conflicts of race, power, and justice. They self-segregated and raised families who witnessed this as little as possible. But meanwhile, the wo…
  • Thank you. I don't know that these convos have been productive, but I believe that is because people are so conflict-averse that they'd rather have quiet than confront the problem. (or just plain don't care about UHX which I understand and have no g…
  • Who is going to jump in and tell Face Tweet that he doesn't have bite marks?
  • P.S. the phrase "personal accountability" is used a lot in dog whistle politics.
  • This still looks like the same community I remember. Sticking up for aggressive, abusive men. Making racist jokes and then saying "it's a joke." Saying really racist and misogynist stuff in private. That's especially important. EVERYTHING in priva…
  • If anyone generally agrees with me, now would be a good time to say so.
  • **Edited to condense rantings**
  • **Edited to condense rantings**
  • You don't understand dogs and you don't understand me. Anyone who knows me knows that 1. I am more empathetic than most people 2. While I may lack in common sense (remembering where my house keys are, knowing what day of the month it is) and verb…
  • Cider stores really well in a pile of snow just outside the front door.
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 17
  • I couldn't get out of me neighborhood until 11+ am at 4+ pm I aslked the ppl who got off the bus by my house if they vcame from downtown and how long did it take. 90 minutes from rose quarter to north of Mississippi district. That same trip is usual…
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 14
  • I just watched Twin Peaks for the first time : - ) Great show
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 11
  • I have been thinking about this scene from LA Story all winter:
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 9
  • Did anyone else have a wild time getting across town on Wednesday, December 14? Anyone who left work after 2:00 PM was already much screwed; I did not even pay attention to the weather until my usual quittin' time. I left a bit after 5:00 PM... or,…
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 9
  • The way I have put it... 0 storms is unexpected. 1 storm is average. 2 storms is crazy. 3 storms is I never
    in Snow! Comment by Loose_Thread January 9
  • Is it OK if I start a twitter thread? I'm sorry I'm annoying onhere everyone I just am a guard dog for the things I care about
  • Twitter is funny like that. People get harassed so horribly that I wouldn't take it personally. One of my favorites blocked me after we had good interactions (for a while her handle was BLOCKAVELLI lol); I think I was auto-blocked for writing "KKK."…
  • But you didn't say anything earlier in this convo... Have I said something offensive????
  • Reminder that this is real life for people, not just something abstract to talk about like whether a taco is a sandwich. You can't just say anything you want about labor, race, poverty... or, you can, but then I will also have something to say about…
  • Facetweet, what is the point of criticizing this specific union action? What is it to you? Unless it's "this stuff will hurt my livelihood" or "I care about unions and I don't want this tactic to backfire on them," you are just arguing for its own …
  • Well. This place has cycles. I feel like there's been years where it was quiet, and then times were we have more to say to each other. Is anyone having K Board flashbacks?
  • Of all the shenanigans that this group of people have come up with... all the eccentricities and boundary-stomping that have been indulged and tolerated... this is where you draw the line?
  • This... from the guy who outfits himself in Brooks Brothers? Very bold, I must say! Although they didn't meet your lofty standard of providing peer-reviewed studies of union-organized stores as a whole, they did present some numbers comparing the l…