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(My wife Sarah Palmer is TOTALLY FREAKING OUT)


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  • Coal shovel has flat/straight edge, not pointed like a garden shovel. It goes right under the ice without scratching up the sidewalk
    in Snow! Comment by YoursTruly January 2017
  • Bend at the knees! Also New England pro tip: for that wet snow that's ice on the bottom you want to use a COAL shovel. I learned this from our retired neighbor Henry who's always loaning us tools when he sees us struggling haplessly in the yard
    in Snow! Comment by YoursTruly January 2017
  • Oh!!!!!! I get it. thank you!
  • he's right social media is rough stuff and I would miss this old-timey space :(
  • Can you explain insta stories to me? My phone won't really play them but what I have been able to see if them makes me wonder how they are different from just posting a video. I am getting a new phone from my mommy for Christmas and will then be abl…
  • Mike, you are the least passive aggressive person I can think of! I do not see your desire to move on from uhx that way at all. I had to quit facebook for similar reasons, and I get it. You put it very well. Thank you for making this space for us fo…
  • LOL We all have to cut our budgets AND charge students more. Tuition is raised constantly plus now students are going to start getting charged additional things like "arts fees" to cover the budget cuts to actual arts departments. Meanwhile the gov…
  • Lol'ing at the idea of a single penny cut from our budget actually going toward student costs!!! Lololol
  • It's like 2k a year
  • Also my real-life students never actually come to office hours so Id usually be free to talk on the phone about capitalist logic
  • OMG what a fun idea!!!!!!! They actually are taking our phones away (to save money! Lol higher ed is in dire straits (not the band unfortunately)) but what if I had Skype office hours??
  • Resisting our conditioning is very hard; even recognizing what is a "conditioned" way of thinking is super difficult. Poking at stuff that troubles us is hard. Literally every day I run up against my own conditioning, my own received wisdom I've nev…
  • Racism in the sense I use the word is certainly not defined by an individual's beliefs. Racism is a system, an organizing principle for an entire society and how that society functions on myriad interlocking levels. Same with misogyny, etc. Society …
  • but it COULD be awesome, right?? All that infrastructure is there; what if we could use it for actual good also, they seem pretty powerful, given the way they were able to railroad HRC through the primary process. The superdelegate concept is reall…
  • what do you guys think about Keith Ellison? I signed the petition because Bernie told me to and because I want the DNC completely dismantled and remade IMMEDIATELY, but now I'm wondering what you think? Ellison seems cool to me--old-school focus on …
  • fuck also, what Zin said
  • YES, I am going to do this also, also for Planned Parenthood. I'm also going to start routinely calling all my representatives and clearly telling them what I want them to support/resist. This thread:…
  • or, what I mean is, that what I am seeing right now is the eruption of stuff that has definitely been seething in American culture forever. But it IS an eruption--this isn't just the normal ol' continued seething of white supremacy underneath stuff.…
  • The DNC is obviously complete bullshit and every one of those assholes should be fired immediately, in fact I am totally scandalized that Donna Brazile and the rest of them even still have any kind of public platform or a shred of legitimacy left. Y…
  • Trump married white nationalist racism to the desire for economic renewal. It's what fascists do. It works. Poor & working class people (of all races) ARE disenfranchised, as a class, and are absolutely right to blame establishment politics (re…
  • gorgeous! Amazing work dudes, it's SO beautiful. You're gonna make a million dollars
  • Lolol Also the implication/acknowledgment that current STEM jobs do not entail human empathy We don't know what these jobs will look like!!! LOLOLOL How can he be SO stupid
  • strongly agree re: LT's critique of Uber
  • there is nog at Fosters, the locally-owned supermarket, but not yet at the co-op, thus no soy nog yet, but it's a'comin'