so what with new white rainbow
on top of yee olde white rainbow myspace and
flickr and my
old fashioned email account, i have been neglecting the ol’ urho blog.
but also, haven’t played a show in a while or completed anything new BUT
that being said, here is an update on things happening and things in the works!
1) white rainbow show next monday april 27 at Valentines in Portland, OR with chen santa maria, grandfather claws and one other i cant remember off the top of my head
2) in late may i will be playing some west coast shows with windy & carl
may 23rd Seattle @ ??
may 24th Portland @ Holocene w/ Christopher Willits
may 28th Big Sur @ Tonalism festival @ The Henry Miller Library presented by Folk Yeah and Dublab (all night ambient festival with live music, DJs, projections, the woods, etc) (Nudge! DJ Andy Cabic! tons of other dudes i don’t know!)
may 29th Los Angeles, CA @ somewhere cool
may 30th Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Curio in the afternoon
3) white rainbow (or possibly rob walmart) will be playing the Black Dice / Wolf Eyes show at backspace in Portland on May 26th
4) the other group im in, rob walmart will be playing “virtually” via simulcast after Prefuse 73 at the Launch Party concert for Radio23.org in New York City. Except we will be in the Rob van aka “the cube” rolling around SE portland, broadcasting audio and video into the club in new york with one of those fancy Clear wimax modems, a macbook broadcasting live video via skype and audio via radio23.com
radio23 is the internet radio station that Rob Walmart has a weekly net – radio show on(mondays 10-12 pacific).
this event will be broadcast on radio23.org and also be happening live in new york at a club in brooklyn, with Rob Walmart broadcasting audio and video (at the club only) at around 12:30 or 1am eastern time (9:30 or 10 pacific) at the very end of the show. more information (better explained?) can be found at http://radio23.org/launch.html

5) rob just released a digital only album through marriage entitled I’M YOUR DJ

its $3. you paypal marriage, you get a postcard in the mail with a download code for a download of the album…. or maybe you get the coupon code right away but still get a postcard in the mail…im not exactly sure. regardless of how it comes to you, I’M YOUR DJ (vol.1) a great selection of recent rob walmart recordings culled from the hours of jamming we do on our weekly live radio show on radio23.org (mondays 10-12 pacific)
6) the album “new clouds” by white rainbow will be released sometime later this year (it’s looking like september at the earliest) by kranky records as a 2xlp/1xcd/digital download.
i just turned in the final tracks to the mastering guy (timothy for stereophonic mastering here in portland!), e*rock and i have finalized the artwork and everything is moving along at a much more rapid pace than before. once the master and artwork are done, it should take about 4 months to release. sorry to say, due to various factors outside of my control, it will not be a 3xlp/2xcd as previously bragged about. but it will still be awesome! some of the tracks that were cut will no doubt see release on something else…
7) i recently collaborated in studio with the always amazing Stag Hare on what is planned as a Stag Hare/White Rainbow split/collab 12″ EP to be released as soon as humanly possible by marriage records
8) and i’ve been in talks with a cool vinyl label about re-issuing 2008’s Sky Drips Drifts as a 2xLP. CD copies (along with a free gift of an mp3 download of 2007’s SUNSHIFTS album) are still available from States Rights Records!
9) i’ve been dreaming of touring europe
10) various other dreams and half done things….new oceans? music for a circular room? chips 7″ series? a roland sampler? a custom triple kaoss pad? art installations? videos? lights? cruising youtube for demos of gear i want? quitting pizza for my health?
11) and this just in! several months ago, the blog ravensingstheblues asked me for a song for a comp they were putting together….and now the comp is here. its free, digital download album, other tracks by wet hair, blues control, plastic crimewave, lots of other dudes..check it out: http://ravensingstheblues-presents.blogspot.com/
and that’s about it? for now at least! phew

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3 Responses to update

  1. clay says:

    Good to hear you’re still kicking ass!

  2. Thomas Ricci says:

    my head is spinning from all this rainbow news. love it.

  3. marc says:

    you are a busy man.
    i want in on a Tonalism again. it was fun to play it with you last summer.
    PDX really invaded LA for a week last july.

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