Boring Guitar Music now available as donation-ware digi album

The White Rainbow digital micro-album Boring Guitar Music (which i recorded one day back in march and previously put up as a free download via sendspace), is now available thru, which hosts bands’ albums as donation-ware aka pay-what-you want downloads. Pretty cool site, as all proceeds go to the bands (for now)(besides paypal’s fee), which is a cool way to be.
check it out at (someone already took wtf?!?!)
you can also stream the whole album off the web, if’n u just wanna do that.

I plan on uploading a bunch more weird one-off micro-albums to the site, including out of print cassettes and cd-rs and live shows. i will try to keep urho readers abreast of such goingz

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One Response to Boring Guitar Music now available as donation-ware digi album

  1. Leon says:

    Hey bro, i dont know if you realise but your videos that you posted are bizarre! and why are there hardly any comments anywhere? any way, love your beats (the few i just heard now). are you from Portland, OR?

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